Friday, March 4, 2011


I am sooooo ready for spring, don't get me wrong I do love bounding through the snow, sticking my snout in it and best of all eating it.  Mom says I like to eat my way around the block BOL!  The drawback is that I am craving more smells, when the snow melts the delightful smells come out.  This winter has just been too long and I have been deprived of the great smells. 
Plus, I miss going to the Walker Sculpture Garden, even though it is open this time of year and the sculptures are just as  interesting in the winter, I do really love walking in the garden spring - summer - fall.  It is my favorite spot in the Twin Cities.  Being a dog I'm not allowed in most museums - I sometimes wish I was a service dog, those guys get to go everywhere.  Kudos to the galleries that let dogs in or have a resident Artdog!  Mom usually takes me to the WSG once a week, if you see us please stop and say "Hello" i love to say "Hello"!

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