Friday, March 11, 2011

Being good?

I try so hard to be good, This is me being good or at least pretending to be.....but you'll never know.

"Art on Main" this weekend in Stillwater

My Favorite Artist is my mum but I am a little bias in this because she bribes on a regular basis me with b'nanners, and if you knew anything about me I love 'em and will do any of my tricks to get 'em.  I'll jump five feet in the air if I suspect they are on the counter and I'll even sit still for them and that is not easy for a terrier.

These are some of her brand new paintings.  Mom has work at Tamarack Gallery for "Art on Main" going on this weekend in Stillwater.  I know the folks at Tamarack have a fondness for terriers so maybe I'll get to go too.

"Dancing Tiles no. 3"  2 - 20" x 20" (20" x 40" overall) Acrylic on canvas
By Amy Monthei

"Dancing Tiles no. 4" 16" x 20" Acrylic on canvas
By Amy Monthei

"Floating Embers no. 2" 20" x 16" Acrylic on canvas
By Amy Monthei

Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring is on its way!

"Spring Rain" Diptych Acrylic on Canvas
2 canvases 20" x 16" - overall size 20" x 32"
©2011 Amy Monthei
Oh Mom, Thank you for this painting!  It makes me think of Spring!!!  I can't wait BOL BOL!


I am sooooo ready for spring, don't get me wrong I do love bounding through the snow, sticking my snout in it and best of all eating it.  Mom says I like to eat my way around the block BOL!  The drawback is that I am craving more smells, when the snow melts the delightful smells come out.  This winter has just been too long and I have been deprived of the great smells. 
Plus, I miss going to the Walker Sculpture Garden, even though it is open this time of year and the sculptures are just as  interesting in the winter, I do really love walking in the garden spring - summer - fall.  It is my favorite spot in the Twin Cities.  Being a dog I'm not allowed in most museums - I sometimes wish I was a service dog, those guys get to go everywhere.  Kudos to the galleries that let dogs in or have a resident Artdog!  Mom usually takes me to the WSG once a week, if you see us please stop and say "Hello" i love to say "Hello"!