Friday, June 3, 2011

Walkies with new Pals at the WSG

I was so excited to meet some new WFT pals, Kady and Judah for evening Walkies at the Walker Sculpture Garden last night.  We had a great time!  Judah is on the red leash and Kady is the sweet girl with bright eyes in the back.  We walked several times around the park and even got to play a bit.

Judah has a cute face, he has one ear up and one ear down - Mum loves that.

Judah and I were sitting - just taking a break.  I hope we can meet up for another walk or play time soon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trip Up North

We went on a trip up to Gooseberry Falls, north of Duluth MN and had a great time with wonderful friends.  I love road trips and enjoyed the hiking in Gooseberry State Park, all those great smells!  Here some photos of our trip over Memorial Day weekend.

This is my Dad, me in the middle and Mum at the lower falls, I think this is a nice family photo (no Cats!)

This next photo is the Marquis family: Yuko holding Baby KoKo, Miss Miyabi in the middle and David holding Daichi.  I love these kids they are just like my nieces and nephew, I like to give them poochie smoochies whenever I can steal them.

Our good friend Sue also went along with us, here we are at the upper falls, I am keeping a look out of squirrels and other creatures.

This is dad and me, Mum says dad looked almost rugged that day.  Dad said I don't look rugged at all.  Mum told me not to feel bad because it is really hard to look rugged when you look just like a stuffed toy.  I think she thought that was funny, I am not laughing Mum - not laughing at all - and I was so good that day too!