Friday, May 20, 2011

I got served a can of Whoop a$$

The other night Mum and dad were not watching me closely and I snuck myself into the bedroom (carpe diem - right?) to see if there were any cats I could chase or eat their food- he he.  But instead Aziza who weighs 7 pounds on a good day puffs all up and gets huge hissing and spitting at me, then she chased me out into the living room.  In my defense I was taken off guard and astounded at this!   Dad said he wished he had gotten it on video, the laughter from the 'rents was so humiliating.  I really didn't find it funny at all.

This is the cat BTW terrifying!

2 of a kind

I love my dad, Mum says we look a lot a like.

I'm much better now

I wonder if peeps missed me.
A few weeks ago I got very sick, I didn't want my food or to play and that almost never happens.  Mum says my plumbing wasn't working right either.  My Mum and dad are so loving, they are vegetarian (I personally can't understand that at all - meat is yummmmmmmy)  and Mum cooked me up some hamburger and rice - it smelled really great yummy even though Mum almost puked.  I decided that if Mum went to that kind of effort to cook meat, I had better try to eat it.  After a few days of that mixer, vet calls, and pumpkin puree I started eating dry food again.  I made several messes that Mum and dad had to clean  up and they never got mad once.  The best thing was snuggling with dad on the couch, he made me feel much loved.  Thanks Mum and dad for being such great 'rents!  thanks to all my friends who sent get well messages and I am back to my terrierific self now!