Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy 20th Anniversary Mum and Dad!

These are the flowers Dad sent Mum and below is a detail, I like to smell flowers....

Thanks Mum for trusting me to just smell them and not eat them!  I did lick them when you weren't looking hehehehe!

Where's Daddy?

The other night I was waiting for dad to come home and I heard keys in the Hallway and thought for sure it was dad and so I sat and waited for him by the door.  I waited and wiggled, after all that is what WFTs do because it is just soooooooooo hard for us to sit still for any amount of time.  But it wasn't dad :-(  he came home later on.

Yes Please

After - Mum says I am very handsome and gave me kisses for being good at the groomers.
I am just happy that I was left with a respectable Goatee.

Need a haircut Mortimer?


Friday, April 8, 2011

I like the texture and color layering on this painting of mom's.  This was shown in San Francisco CA at Insights 2009 at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery at City Hall.
That year mom won the "Elva Iacono Vergari Prize" a very prestigious award that is given to three artists at the show.  I did not get to go to the show I was at "camp".

"Fire Sky"
36" x 36" mixed media on canvas
by Amy Monthei


These toys are called Ecotrinkets!  They are made by my mom.  They are eco-friendly hand-made one of a kind baby rattles.  The fiber isn't wool felt (whatever that is) it is made from recycled post-consumer water bottles, it is light fast, stain resistant, hypo-allergenic and made in the USA - very safe for children.
Mom says she started making toys because she wanted safe toys for her nieces.

Here is her website: *

 These are the neutral color palette, I'd like to chase that rabbit.  Mom you should make me a dog toy.

 These are really fun colors and the one below makes me think about spring time and it is almost here!!!

Mom also makes hand-puppets, barrettes, coin purses and coffee cozies!

All designs are property of Amy Monthei / Ecotrinkets - Copyright - do not use with out permission please.

My Nephew

This is my newest Nephew Aiden, he has brown eyes just like me!!!  I wonder if he like bananas.  I want to give him kisses and hopefully I'll get to see him in June.  I got him something I know he will like and am getting it packed up to send to him for spring time. 

My Nieces and Me "Uncle Mortimer"

These are my favorite girls in the whole world - my nieces: Melissa, Lillian and Isadora!!!  They are watching me on You-tube.  I love it when they say "Uncle Mortimer do you want a treat?"  - music to my ears.
I just ordered them something very special for spring time and I know they are going to be so surprised!!! 

This is me and My niece Lilli, she likes to walk me around the block.  I get to see her and her sisters in June and I am so excited.  This photo was taken last July when we were all in Iowa.