Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Its My Birthday!

Hi Everyone, it is my 4th Birthday today 12/28/20111 - I hope I will be celebrating by going to the pet store and getting some toys and treats - wink / wink / nudge / nudge Mum and Dad!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Wire Speak and Yippish Wire

Here is a lesson on speaking Wire
WFT - Wire fox terrier/ Foxy or Foxie (yes we certainly are)
SFT - Smooth fox terrier / Smoothy or smoothie (not the shake though)
BOL - Bark out loud
WOL - Woof out loud
RAIC - Run around in circles
RAICB - Run around in circles barking
ROFB - Roll on floor Barking
LMPO - Laughing my paws off
PU- Paws up
KYPO - Keep your paws off
TMT - Too many treats (What!? - Mum, that is a flat out lie and there is no such thing - forget this one peeps)
KU - Kennel up - I don't personally always love this one but you gotta do what you gotta do
NT - Naughty Terrier - I think this pretty much spells it out
NTC - Naughty Terrier Club founded by Murphy Turner on facebook, the rules of membership are as follows, you must to be a terrier and you must be naughty.  I of course am a member in good standing.

Here are a few other words we like to use:
Pawesome - Well terriers are!  Now aren't they?
Pawtastic - Being fantastic with paws up
Pawdorable -as in "Your WFT is pawdorable"
Terrierific - All terriers are we are created this way
Terriertude - Only terriers have this one - sorry to all my non-terrier canine friends but if you aren't a terrier you don't have it
Terrierlicious - Why thank you we are deliciously handsome

Now as you may know I am Jewish so here are a few of my favorite phrases:
Yippish - This is a Jewish terrier and also the language we bark, whine or yelp
Teriksa - This is a non-terrier or non Yippish canine
Muzzle Tov! and Pawzel Tov! - These phrases are interchangeable, please use them often as in "I just got a nice toy and I am excited to destroy it! Muzzle Tov!" or "I got extra treats today, Pawzel Tov!"
Bark Mitzvah - as in when Mum says "Mortimer what is with the Bark Mitzvah?
Chutzpaw - this is Yippish for of Terriertude
Tpawtchke - Those are my toys not worthless crap so KYPO!
Paw Vey! - as in "Oh my!  I can't believe you just took away my tpawtckes!"
L’pawim - as in "I need to get my paws back on those toys, my life depends on it!"
Pawlom - Yippish for "Hello, Goodbye and Wire Peace."
Pawrah - This is the ancient book of Yippish obedience rules, often refered to but rarely followed by us NTC members.  It is believed that an ancient NT once ate the Pawrah and hence the phrase "My dog ate my homework" is ever popular with school children.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and I plan on expanding my linguistic skills in the future so check back on my blog.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kiss Kiss

WFT kisses from me to you!

WOOT! I got a new iMac

Happy Happy Happy day - run in circles - jump up and down - BOL BOL BOL - Paws up!
Now I can blog easier and keep in touch with my Terrier Friends, thanks for my new iMac Mum and Dad!

I will take the best care of it, I swear, well I am not supposed to swear, so I better just take good care of it!

Where are those 'nanas?

Mum would you like help putting the shopping away?  I would love to assist.  (I lure her into a false sense of security, I know mum always get 'nanas for me - BOL,  Now I just have to find them,,,,)

Now let's see where are those 'nanas.......

Monday, August 29, 2011

You look like a cartoon

 People tell us all the time when we are on walkies that I look like a cartoon - I wasn't sure if that is a compliment or not.  To show me that it was, Mum drew me as a cartoon.  I like that she put my toys in the drawing because I love my toys and my food.  What do you think?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Check out my Mum's Artwork

Check out my Mum's paintings on  She just sent this painting and two others to California for Shared Visions Art Show.  Way to go Mum!

"River" set of 5 - 6" x 6" canvases
 Mixed media
copyright by Amy Monthei 2010

Friday, July 29, 2011

Playing with Kady and Judah

This and me and my buddy Judah, he has one ear up and one ear down.

We are waiting for someone to drop some of those tasty morsels, but no luck!

Please please please give us some treats, we are being sooooo good.
Judah wants treats so bad he popped up both ears.

Mum thinks Judah is a gem

Me and Kady taking a break

Cutie Patooties!

Wires in triplicate!

What a super fun day!

Evening Walk at the Walker SG with Mum and Dad

It was very considerate of the Walker to put these here so us doggies have spots to pee.

This is by Alexander Caldar an American Sculptor Who invented these really big Cat toys - man the cats are missing out on this one, they would be all over it!


I like to go to the arbor at the far end to see what flowers are in bloom, these smell good but I decided not to lick them because they might be porcupines in disguise.

I love Mum she takes me here a lot because she knows I LOVE it here!

I like to read about all the sculptures in the garden, these didactic plaques have really interesting info and they smell good too.

This is me in front of the Pudding people, I wonder why that pudding doesn't melt?

Me and dad enjoying the evening, it was so nice I didn't want to leave!  The good thing is I come here all the time and I'll be telling you more about the sculptures in the garden too.

Uncle Mortimer Walking with the Nieces

Whenever I see my sweet nieces (Lillian, Melissa and Isadora) we love to walk around the block together.  This year they got Scooters so they could keep up with me.  Before we started our walk we went over the finer points of scooter safety.  They are very good listeners.

OK Lets go around the block!

Izzy got tired of riding her scooter so she wanted to walk with me, she did a great job - BOL BOL!

Melissa needed some poochie smoochies from Uncle Mortimer and I am always happy to give them out.

What a fun day!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Walkies with new Pals at the WSG

I was so excited to meet some new WFT pals, Kady and Judah for evening Walkies at the Walker Sculpture Garden last night.  We had a great time!  Judah is on the red leash and Kady is the sweet girl with bright eyes in the back.  We walked several times around the park and even got to play a bit.

Judah has a cute face, he has one ear up and one ear down - Mum loves that.

Judah and I were sitting - just taking a break.  I hope we can meet up for another walk or play time soon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trip Up North

We went on a trip up to Gooseberry Falls, north of Duluth MN and had a great time with wonderful friends.  I love road trips and enjoyed the hiking in Gooseberry State Park, all those great smells!  Here some photos of our trip over Memorial Day weekend.

This is my Dad, me in the middle and Mum at the lower falls, I think this is a nice family photo (no Cats!)

This next photo is the Marquis family: Yuko holding Baby KoKo, Miss Miyabi in the middle and David holding Daichi.  I love these kids they are just like my nieces and nephew, I like to give them poochie smoochies whenever I can steal them.

Our good friend Sue also went along with us, here we are at the upper falls, I am keeping a look out of squirrels and other creatures.

This is dad and me, Mum says dad looked almost rugged that day.  Dad said I don't look rugged at all.  Mum told me not to feel bad because it is really hard to look rugged when you look just like a stuffed toy.  I think she thought that was funny, I am not laughing Mum - not laughing at all - and I was so good that day too!

Friday, May 20, 2011

I got served a can of Whoop a$$

The other night Mum and dad were not watching me closely and I snuck myself into the bedroom (carpe diem - right?) to see if there were any cats I could chase or eat their food- he he.  But instead Aziza who weighs 7 pounds on a good day puffs all up and gets huge hissing and spitting at me, then she chased me out into the living room.  In my defense I was taken off guard and astounded at this!   Dad said he wished he had gotten it on video, the laughter from the 'rents was so humiliating.  I really didn't find it funny at all.

This is the cat BTW terrifying!

2 of a kind

I love my dad, Mum says we look a lot a like.

I'm much better now

I wonder if peeps missed me.
A few weeks ago I got very sick, I didn't want my food or to play and that almost never happens.  Mum says my plumbing wasn't working right either.  My Mum and dad are so loving, they are vegetarian (I personally can't understand that at all - meat is yummmmmmmy)  and Mum cooked me up some hamburger and rice - it smelled really great yummy even though Mum almost puked.  I decided that if Mum went to that kind of effort to cook meat, I had better try to eat it.  After a few days of that mixer, vet calls, and pumpkin puree I started eating dry food again.  I made several messes that Mum and dad had to clean  up and they never got mad once.  The best thing was snuggling with dad on the couch, he made me feel much loved.  Thanks Mum and dad for being such great 'rents!  thanks to all my friends who sent get well messages and I am back to my terrierific self now!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy 20th Anniversary Mum and Dad!

These are the flowers Dad sent Mum and below is a detail, I like to smell flowers....

Thanks Mum for trusting me to just smell them and not eat them!  I did lick them when you weren't looking hehehehe!

Where's Daddy?

The other night I was waiting for dad to come home and I heard keys in the Hallway and thought for sure it was dad and so I sat and waited for him by the door.  I waited and wiggled, after all that is what WFTs do because it is just soooooooooo hard for us to sit still for any amount of time.  But it wasn't dad :-(  he came home later on.

Yes Please

After - Mum says I am very handsome and gave me kisses for being good at the groomers.
I am just happy that I was left with a respectable Goatee.

Need a haircut Mortimer?


Friday, April 8, 2011

I like the texture and color layering on this painting of mom's.  This was shown in San Francisco CA at Insights 2009 at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery at City Hall.
That year mom won the "Elva Iacono Vergari Prize" a very prestigious award that is given to three artists at the show.  I did not get to go to the show I was at "camp".

"Fire Sky"
36" x 36" mixed media on canvas
by Amy Monthei


These toys are called Ecotrinkets!  They are made by my mom.  They are eco-friendly hand-made one of a kind baby rattles.  The fiber isn't wool felt (whatever that is) it is made from recycled post-consumer water bottles, it is light fast, stain resistant, hypo-allergenic and made in the USA - very safe for children.
Mom says she started making toys because she wanted safe toys for her nieces.

Here is her website: *

 These are the neutral color palette, I'd like to chase that rabbit.  Mom you should make me a dog toy.

 These are really fun colors and the one below makes me think about spring time and it is almost here!!!

Mom also makes hand-puppets, barrettes, coin purses and coffee cozies!

All designs are property of Amy Monthei / Ecotrinkets - Copyright - do not use with out permission please.

My Nephew

This is my newest Nephew Aiden, he has brown eyes just like me!!!  I wonder if he like bananas.  I want to give him kisses and hopefully I'll get to see him in June.  I got him something I know he will like and am getting it packed up to send to him for spring time. 

My Nieces and Me "Uncle Mortimer"

These are my favorite girls in the whole world - my nieces: Melissa, Lillian and Isadora!!!  They are watching me on You-tube.  I love it when they say "Uncle Mortimer do you want a treat?"  - music to my ears.
I just ordered them something very special for spring time and I know they are going to be so surprised!!! 

This is me and My niece Lilli, she likes to walk me around the block.  I get to see her and her sisters in June and I am so excited.  This photo was taken last July when we were all in Iowa.