Friday, September 30, 2011

Wire Speak and Yippish Wire

Here is a lesson on speaking Wire
WFT - Wire fox terrier/ Foxy or Foxie (yes we certainly are)
SFT - Smooth fox terrier / Smoothy or smoothie (not the shake though)
BOL - Bark out loud
WOL - Woof out loud
RAIC - Run around in circles
RAICB - Run around in circles barking
ROFB - Roll on floor Barking
LMPO - Laughing my paws off
PU- Paws up
KYPO - Keep your paws off
TMT - Too many treats (What!? - Mum, that is a flat out lie and there is no such thing - forget this one peeps)
KU - Kennel up - I don't personally always love this one but you gotta do what you gotta do
NT - Naughty Terrier - I think this pretty much spells it out
NTC - Naughty Terrier Club founded by Murphy Turner on facebook, the rules of membership are as follows, you must to be a terrier and you must be naughty.  I of course am a member in good standing.

Here are a few other words we like to use:
Pawesome - Well terriers are!  Now aren't they?
Pawtastic - Being fantastic with paws up
Pawdorable -as in "Your WFT is pawdorable"
Terrierific - All terriers are we are created this way
Terriertude - Only terriers have this one - sorry to all my non-terrier canine friends but if you aren't a terrier you don't have it
Terrierlicious - Why thank you we are deliciously handsome

Now as you may know I am Jewish so here are a few of my favorite phrases:
Yippish - This is a Jewish terrier and also the language we bark, whine or yelp
Teriksa - This is a non-terrier or non Yippish canine
Muzzle Tov! and Pawzel Tov! - These phrases are interchangeable, please use them often as in "I just got a nice toy and I am excited to destroy it! Muzzle Tov!" or "I got extra treats today, Pawzel Tov!"
Bark Mitzvah - as in when Mum says "Mortimer what is with the Bark Mitzvah?
Chutzpaw - this is Yippish for of Terriertude
Tpawtchke - Those are my toys not worthless crap so KYPO!
Paw Vey! - as in "Oh my!  I can't believe you just took away my tpawtckes!"
L’pawim - as in "I need to get my paws back on those toys, my life depends on it!"
Pawlom - Yippish for "Hello, Goodbye and Wire Peace."
Pawrah - This is the ancient book of Yippish obedience rules, often refered to but rarely followed by us NTC members.  It is believed that an ancient NT once ate the Pawrah and hence the phrase "My dog ate my homework" is ever popular with school children.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and I plan on expanding my linguistic skills in the future so check back on my blog.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kiss Kiss

WFT kisses from me to you!

WOOT! I got a new iMac

Happy Happy Happy day - run in circles - jump up and down - BOL BOL BOL - Paws up!
Now I can blog easier and keep in touch with my Terrier Friends, thanks for my new iMac Mum and Dad!

I will take the best care of it, I swear, well I am not supposed to swear, so I better just take good care of it!

Where are those 'nanas?

Mum would you like help putting the shopping away?  I would love to assist.  (I lure her into a false sense of security, I know mum always get 'nanas for me - BOL,  Now I just have to find them,,,,)

Now let's see where are those 'nanas.......