Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lillian came to visit me

Her name is Lillian, she is 9 year old niece from Idaho.  I had to take her to the Spoon Bridge and Cherry at the Walker Sculpture Garden.   Yuko and her kids (Daichi, Miyabi and koko) came with us to the park.

 This is Koko reading me the map since I have trouble with abstract thinking and reading maps.  I usually just sniff out where I need to go.  We also went to Loring Park and then had lunch on the patio outside like a picnic.

Sometimes we would just watch TV together.

Mom and Dad took her to Open Streets, it was way to hot for me to go that day so I stayed home.
Lillian got her face painted and got to paint on a huge canvas at Art Materials..

On the way home she ran (literally) into local Artist Scott Seekins - I have never ran into Scott and was a little jealous.

Lilly also went to work with Mum, I have never gotten to do this either.

The photos are from our rooftop deck, we have Happy Hour up here every Wed. night and get together with the neighbors.  Come to think of it i have never been invited to HH either - humph

Lilly and Rylee

Lilly and Dad

I love this photo

Lilly and Mum

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